Attire for Personal Protection Specialists

As a personal protection specialist, we typically have a dress code to keep. On some occasions, however, your client will give you a different dress code. In terms of a general dress code, you should wear one of two things depending on what your client has asked and where you are going. These things are formal wear, smart casual, or casual.

Formal wear is a standard business style suit, shirt, and tie, with standard colors like your dark blues and blacks. Smart casual is a polo shirt with a good pair of khakis. Casual is a polo shirt with a nice pair of jeans. However, this isn’t always the dress code; if your client is going for a run and you are running with them you should be wearing workout clothes and good pair of running shoes. Are you going to the golf course? Khaki shorts and a polo t-shirt.

Invest in at least two fitted suits, you don’t want to show up to the first day on the job wearing an ill-fitted suit. Nothing screams “I am not a professional” more than a suit that was made for your grandfather and not you.

Recommended Stores for Personal Protection Specialist Attire

We have a couple of stores we recommend for buying your first suit as a personal protection specialist. If you are on a budget, HAGGER Clothing on Amazon offers affordable suit separates that you can mix and match or buy one piece at a time. When you are ready to step up your suit game, Suit Supply offers a nice variety of contemporary and traditional suits with in-house tailors.

For women, the same dress code applies. Don’t rifle through your significant other’s closet and piece together a suit. White House Black Market offers a great line of trendy season-less suits that will not break the bank. If you are in a pinch and just getting started in the personal protection industry NY & CO offers a nice variety of budget-friendly suits as well.

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